Retirement is one of life’s biggest milestones. It’s the time where you can finally sit back and relax without the stresses of work overwhelming you. However, like any of life’s great milestones, it does come with its own uncertainties. It is only natural to worry about money when you are retiring. After all, you’ve generated an income from work your whole life, but now it’s time to generate income in other ways.

This is where The Money Hub can help. As an expert retirement financial planner in Essendon, we provide retiring Melbournians with top-tier advice on how to manage their financial situation and ensure they are meeting their expenditure needs. Our comprehensive service aims to alleviate the uncertainty. We understand our clients’ money worries at this time and seek to provide a service that reduces any monetary fears.

We do this through making sure your super is generating sufficient returns, maximising any age pension entitlements, exploring alternative investments such as annuities  and providing detailed projections to show your cash flow position well into the future. Our skilled and experienced consultants will help you develop your income goals and what can be done to achieve them. We want you to know that our pensioner financial advice is designed to allow you to relax at this time of great importance.


This important phase can be a busy one. There are often loose ends to tie up at work and this can make focusing on your income goals difficult. This is why The Money Hub is here to help you make this situation easy. We know that it can be hard to focus on the future when you have so much to do before retiring, so we are here to consult with you to make this process simple.

And, whilst it would be nice to say it would be easy to rely on a pension, this is unfortunately not the case anymore. The cost of living is growing whilst pension rates remain relatively the same. Therefore, the smartest option is to ensure your retirement planning is future-proof and will continue to generate an income.


There are numerous reasons why you should enlist our professional advice, including:


Our highly skilled and experienced retirement financial planner have years of retirement planning in their repertoire. They are able to analyse your current financial situation and create a plan that will help you generate a comfortable income even when you have left the workplace for the last time.

Industry knowledge:

Our Essendon financial advisors have a profound industry knowledge that they can use to tailor to your individual financial needs. Whether that is through investment, risk management, property or something else, you can trust that their knowledge will help you achieve your goals.


One thing that is imperative to us is ensuring you feel comfortable with your future. We know that this period can be filled with uncertainty, and our retirement financial planners want you to feel comfortable with the knowledge that we have your financial situation at the core of our service.


So, contact our Essendon retirement financial advisors if you’re ready to confirm your future financial stability. We will be more than happy to talk you through our service and book you in for a consultation at a time that suits you best.

Call us on 03 9052 4475 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page. We will reply to you with all the information you require as well as book you in for a consultation time if you would like to receive our professional service.

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